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What People Say About Felicia's Piano Lessons



Just started lessons with Felicia and my daughter just loves her. We are so excited

Fred W

I've had music lessons before, but no one has provided the inspiration and encouragement I needed to meet own music goals...Thanks so much for being a great teacher Felicia!

Andrea K

I had been taking my daughter to another teacher for 3 years, what a waste of time and money. In just one month my daughter learned more then in all that time. My other teacher was an accomplished musician with strong credentials, but there is a big difference between being able to play and being able to teach what you know. Felicia is the best

Sherry V

I have two girls learning from Felicias School of Music. They love the Jazz pieces that introduced and taught by her. No more crying tears when asked to practice. They want to practice and show off to dad and mom with the Jazz music that they adore. We felt very fortunate to find good piano teacher-Felicia who can keep my girls' continuing interest in learning and playing piano.

Maria C

Thanks! My girls are flourishing since they changed teachers! Mommy is doing well too as an adult student - Moonlight Sonata never sounded so good to me!

John C

My 2 sons are students of Felicia and have had a great experience. She is very on task and professional. I also like the way she handles the schedule of classes, if you need to change your times, you can contact others on her list.

Louise P

Felicia is a wonderful teacher. My daughter started with her at age 5 and has been with her for over 3 years now. Felicia teaches a wide range of styles: from classical, to jazz, to contemporary. She teaches theory with every lesson and makes it fun. She is incredibly personable and patient with her students. My daughter loves her and looks forward to going to her lesson every week. I have known other kids who have taken lessons with other teachers and they are no way as advanced as any of Felicia's students with equal number of years playing. I highly recommend her!

Eileen C

We are glad to have Felicia, my two boys enjoy playing piano since they changed teacher. No more struggling when asked to practice, they love to play the classical pieces. Thanks Felicia for keeping my boys interest in piano and music!

Gabrielle A

Felicia is a very gifted piano teacher. She makes every moment count and we feel truly lucky to have our boys aged 7 and 11 in her studio. Felicia is very professional and has a systematic plan in her teaching style. She is the right balance of classical basics, music theory, proper emphasis on scales balanced with the ability to work in contemporary music. I can honestly say she is excellent with my boys.

P Long

Felicia is a very talented teacher. Just having great performance credentials is not enough, you need to know how to teach and connect with each student on a personal level. Felicia has all of these credentials. You will not be disappointed.