Felicia's School provides Piano Lessons to beginners and Pinao lessons to adults in Marlboro New Jersey. Felicias Music | Felicia's School of Piano and Music
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Benefits of a Music Education

Because playing an instrument is learned step by step, piano lessons can provide a real sense of achievement at many levels, while teaching a child to set goals. Piano lessons build Confidence - A child with self-confidence has a better grip on handling life's many curveballs. Playing an instrument instills confidence and helps a child to overcome shyness.   Coordination - piano lessons and music study help students develop manual dexterity. The child who takes piano lessons often does better in sports because of good eye-hand-ear coordination developed. Creativity - Music helps a child explore his or her imagination and encourages creative thinking. Soon, that child learns to improvise at many things in life. Discipline - Through regular practice and playing, students graduate to a higher level of self-discipline. Satisfaction - The knowledge that something has been accomplished, even as small as a musical exercise, teaches satisfaction in a job "well done". Sociability - Piano lessons encourages a child to reach out toward new friendships and grasp opportunities for social interactions. Fun - A child learns right away that playing an instrument is terrific fun! It teaches the joy of participation and offers a welcomed alternative to watching TV.


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Monmouth or Middlesex County New Jersey call for an appointment at 732-804-5419:   We are located at: 30 Route 79 Matawan / Aberdeen, New Jersey 07747

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in Monmouth County New Jersey  since 1993 and playing the piano for over 30 years.  Classically trained and teaching all musical styles including: Pop, Jazz, Rock, and Classical music.  I provide piano lessons to beginners, intermediate, and advanced players.